Win ! by Jay Fuchs

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Outage :( by Chef

Yesterday, we had a server outage.

All maintenance works went good and the infrastructure got updates also 🙂

I want to apologize to all the fans and friends who wanted to get the news and updates of Jay.


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found photos … Tampa 2015 by Jay Fuchs

Not really that I found them. A friend found them and I really flattered that I got such good footage of my Pro debut in Tampa 2015. Made by

Here are some samples what you can get…

Tampa 2015. Is still so motivating for me !

Tampa 2015 USAMuscle

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Do I get famous ? by Jay Fuchs

Do I get famous….. a celeb ? 🙂

Maybe !?!

I am feeling so honored and flattered that the Swiss WW (Wer ist wer?) invited me to the nomitation Party !


i get faaaamous 🙂

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New design is ready by Chef

As Jay requested, the new design is ready and running. Obviously

We hope you like it and can find it as awesome as we do

Have fun

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My new logo ! by Jay Fuchs

Hi All,
in my long time of exhausting prepping and dieting came a new logo and brand along 😉
Photo: Robby Brand
Photo: Robby Brand
Photo: Robby Brand
Photo: Robby Brand

This is the initial attempt for Jay-Fuchs Corp. to take over 😉
Thank you to the creator 🙂 :*

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