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me on lifestyle me on lifestyle

this Friday 12/9/16 on Swiss TV:

TeleZüri with their feature in the program “lifestyle“. Me in Portrait.

68 Kilogramm Muskeln, verteilt auf 1.64 Meter. Das ist Jay Fuchs. Als erste Schweizer Bodybuilderin hat sie die “Chicago Pro Show” gewonnen und gehört somit zu den zehn besten Bodybuilderinnen der Welt. Über Muskeln und Weiblichkeit, Männer und starke Frauen und was der Profisport ihr abverlangt, erzählt die 45jährige Zürcherin bei sich zu Hause in Zürich.

68 kilograms of muscle, distributed to 1.64 meters. This is Jay Fuchs. As the first Swiss bodybuilder she won the “Chicago Pro Show” and is one of the ten best bodybuilders in the world. The 45-year-old Zurich woman tells about her muscles and femininity, men and strong women, and what the professional sport demands she tells from her at home in Zurich.

Patrica Boser was with their team at my home. Look what she had to ask.

18:30 – LifeStyle

68 kg Muskeln – Das ist Jay Fuchs. Sie ist eine der zehn besten Bodybuilderinnen der Welt. Die Zürcherin über Muskeln und Weiblichkeit.

68 kg of muscles – This is Jay Fuchs. She is one of the ten best bodybuilders in the world. The Zurich woman about muscles and femininity.

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the time is ticking by Jay Fuchs

the time is ticking…

the Sportsgroup Festival is coming nearer !!

sportsgroupon 2016/5/14,15

in Bonstetten

You can see a lot of attractions such as Schwingen, Streetdance etc…. and as sidekick a femalebodybuilder in preparation to the Chcago Pro a month later… me 🙂

So come, see the shows and meet me there.

You can tell me if you will come and maybe you like to help me a bit before hand.

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My journey has started by Jay Fuchs

No long time, as you know, to the season start for me in Chicago. I cannot wait

I am now FULLY concentrated on my conditioning to top my shape since last year.
I like to blast the stage with more cuts and mass to fit the right proportions.

But if you like to get in touch with me before i fly over to the US, you can have a talk at the

SPORTSGROUP FESTIVAL in May, 14th-15th in Bonstetten, Switzerland.

You  may excuse that my updates will not include any formcheck photos or videos. I want to surprise. Even my videoman has to wait 😉

If you like to to visit my appearance here some info beforehand:

July 1‐ 2nd , Chicago, Illinois Tim Gardner , +1 813‐281‐4696
PS: If you care a little, please give me your support.

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