Romania Madness …. #RomaniaMuscleFest2018 by Jay Fuchs


Well…. arrived safely at Thursday, straight to the work. Long meetings, visiting the site, arranging a lot of things and working for the greatest.. i am now in to the final preparing the show…….. I work for my sponsor WingsOfStrength. And i enjoy it. Great company.

RomaniaMuscleFest2018RomaniaMuscleFestPro 2018

Starting today with the great William Bonac holding his seminar it will continue with the registration of the TONS of athletes.

Besides Strongmen and Armwrestlers around 160 Pro Athletes and nearly 200 amateurs are on the roster !

this is sooooo amazing.

Tomorrow the amateurs will compete and 8 of them qualify directly to the pro show on sunday… one of each class. This makes it so exciting. Women’s Bodybuilding is about to shine ! happy… as i can be.

Hugs Jay

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such an honor by Jay Fuchs

Yes, I am part of it. Yayyy Such an honor.

The 200 most famous Zurich inhabitants. Yayyy Such an honor.

I am so proud, if i may be. Long time of struggles and also happy moments are reflected.

I was invited and i am now in the “register”. Such an great honor for me. I am just flattered.

In the Book:

who-is-who-book My best friend and me

If as Kickboxer, Bodybuilder and woman, some recognition is such a balsam for the soul. I had hard times behind me, and before.. but this is giving me the drive to give more as before.

So i had the pleasure to take this, as you can say, award at an Event from the Publishers ( with my coach and best friend. Had a wonderful time.

Thank you WW-Magazin for everything.

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nearly a homecoming by Jay Fuchs

Yesterday, me and my friends had a blast @ “finishing” my season. We let ourselves go and celebrated a bit.

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The competition season is over.
My Offsaison started.
Calm down ..Relax ..I am thankful ..
Focus on 2017.🌏🌏🌏
I can not put into words what I experienced everything. won new friends … new experiences .. again further in all levels but the most important of all the people who are on my side … believe in me cheer .. .. emotions … all the messages from fans around the world , Thanks to all my sponsors … without you I could not work like a pro. Family Wälti *a and w* … Elena (mine lifts brought to shine appearances) Oliver Musculix .. The great Kathi from David Gym. my great friend and coach Raffaele (you’re my biggest inspiration) and all friends .. and the organization Wings of Strength. Thank you with all my heart … after the race is before the race ..💪💪💪😇


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New design is ready by Chef

As Jay requested, the new design is ready and running. Obviously

We hope you like it and can find it as awesome as we do

Have fun

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full success – Sportsgroup Festival by Chef

i am very proud… the Festival was so fabulous.


Many … yes, many visitors came to see this event. the full variety of Sports. And me 🙂

Thank you so much

some impressions i can share…

Cedric Hiltebrand
Cedric Hiltebrand
guess who ? ;-)
guess who ? 😉


some photos courtesy of

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Newsssss .. :) by Jay Fuchs

Hello … time is coming. This weekend the sportsgroupfestival is happening in Bonstetten. The local press is already uptodate.

local swiss press

Visit me there and all the athletes and crews.

BTW i also preparing for ..


.. you maybe know 😉

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