/My Success is yours !

My Success is also yours !

Can be definately said. If you love the sport and my personality you CAN help me forfill my dream

Become the best !


The new season starts for me nearly. My goals are clear:

  • more mass
  • more definition
  • more symmetry
  • being your number One

I have to give 10000percent and the dues are not decreasing ….. 🙁

I sight of my of the new year and what i have planned, my focus increased. Ms RisingPhoenix here I come !

You can show me your love to female bodybuilding and my career. My friends do, so you.

Please give me a piece of your heart and support

My dream is to be your champ. And you CAN support me.

Paypal, Thank you

or send me a gift ?

My Amazon Wishes

I can top this with your appreciation

Thank you so much !