My journey has started

Posted by Jay Fuchs in #chicagopro2016

No long time, as you know, to the season start for me in Chicago. I cannot wait

I am now FULLY concentrated on my conditioning to top my shape since last year.
I like to blast the stage with more cuts and mass to fit the right proportions.

But if you like to get in touch with me before i fly over to the US, you can have a talk at the

SPORTSGROUP FESTIVAL in May, 14th-15th in Bonstetten, Switzerland.

You  may excuse that my updates will not include any formcheck photos or videos. I want to surprise. Even my videoman has to wait 😉

If you like to to visit my appearance here some info beforehand:

July 1‐ 2nd , Chicago, Illinois Tim Gardner , +1 813‐281‐4696
PS: If you care a little, please give me your support.

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