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Yeah.. during my very appreaciated appearance at the Sportgroup Festival in Bonstetten, i was interviewed by MTV !

yes ! really 🙂

Freakish.TV – the german format of MTV Switzerland/Germany about events and livestyle catched me. I told them a little bit about me, my sport and being a bodybuilder. was so great !

look ! ;-)
look ! 😉
watch it!
watch it!

Thank you !

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Newsssss .. :) by Jay Fuchs

Hello … time is coming. This weekend the sportsgroupfestival is happening in Bonstetten. The local press is already uptodate.

local swiss press

Visit me there and all the athletes and crews.

BTW i also preparing for ..


.. you maybe know 😉

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the time is ticking by Jay Fuchs

the time is ticking…

the Sportsgroup Festival is coming nearer !!

sportsgroupon 2016/5/14,15

in Bonstetten

You can see a lot of attractions such as Schwingen, Streetdance etc…. and as sidekick a femalebodybuilder in preparation to the Chcago Pro a month later… me 🙂

So come, see the shows and meet me there.

You can tell me if you will come and maybe you like to help me a bit before hand.

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progress progressing… and meanwhile … by Jay Fuchs

and meanwhile the videos get ready soon !

#roadtotampa2015 is a series when I get into shape for Tampa. My Pro Debut !

« 1 of 2 »

The clips will be available in the shop soon !

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